8 Good DIY Closet Storage And Organization Tips & Tricks

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Closet organization hacks would help you a lot when you need to clear the space of your closet. Since your closer is where your necessities sit on, you should make it as comfortable as possible for both the items and you. Below, we have some examples of closet organization and storage. Before trying to make one of the pictures below, you need to read these tips first.

You need to par down to necessities. You will find tons of things inside your closet. It is important to determine which one to keep and to toss out. Keeping essentials will clear a lot of space in your closet. After that, make sure you choose appropriate storage solutions for your storage. The good news is that you can incorporate used stuff for storage solutions.

The first item on our list of closet organization hacks is PVC pipes. Yes, you read it right. We can use PVC pipes for storage solutions or simply separating your items with this thing. You can use PVC pipes for shoe racks, drawer dividers, or accessory hooks. These items are easy to find yet pretty cheap. Most importantly, you can sort and arrange items in your closet.

The next thing you can use to arrange items in your closet is curtain hooks. Curtain hooks can be used to hand jeans, tank tops, and jewelry. Hanging some pairs of jeans will clear up a lot of space in your drawer. So, why don’t you try it?

Meanwhile, if you struggle to store your heels, you can go vertically by using tension rods. You only need to install a single tension rod inside your closed and you can simply use it to hand your heels. Tension rods are also a life-saver when it comes to arranging items. For more inspiring hacks, check out these closet organization hacks below.

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