28+ Best Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

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The main key to the concept of a farmhouse living room design is calmness and comfort. This farmhouse style house can be found in a cowboy movie. Although applying a rural atmosphere, this concept can also be applied in urban areas, you know.

Farmhouse style home decor will display the classic side of the room in the house, including the living room. Besides, you can also combine the concept of a farmhouse living room design with modern decor. Some color choices that you can use to get the impression of a farmhouse is brown, cream, white, light yellow, brick red, dark blue, and orange.

The wall of the living room serves as the basis for every placement and decoration of space. In this case, you can choose a plain white base color on the living room wall. For the floor, you can make wood floors. You can make wood floors using real wood or can also use wood-patterned ceramics. Then, you can put a medium-sized carpet that is placed as a mat for the coffee table. For the furniture, you can try using white furniture such as a white corner sofa or wooden chairs that are also white. In essence, wood furniture is the leading choice but not required. That is, you can still combine them with modern furniture, such as sofas.

Farmhouse living room design can also appear by giving the right decoration. Choose furniture that is brown, gray, or even black so you can feel the atmosphere of the farmhouse. Do not also forget the green leaves that can be applied in several corners of the living room.

Choose decorations such as flower vases, wall hangings, patch lamps, curtains, and others that look distinctive with a rural feel. To be more in harmony with stuff made from wood, add some pastel or orange-colored ornaments. That will make the room not look too pale. The overall color combination will look more beautiful when exposed to sunlight.

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