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There are various types of lighting for the room available today, ranging in terms of style and functionality. When considering the style, material, or lighting source that will be used, remember that good lighting is an essential component in the look, feel, and function of a room.

The presence of lights makes everyday activities more relaxed and more comfortable, especially in dark places or at night. But over the times, now the lights are also used as an element of room decoration. The views that are usually used for decoration are colorful lights.

Just like in a cafe or bar that presents a neon design to decorate the room, you can also apply this concept as lighting wall art ideas to your room. You can also replace the idea of typography painting with this fluorescent writing. This point can also make the room brighter and make the atmosphere more lively with family.

Tumblr lights may be one of the good lighting wall art ideas for your home. Hang these colorful lights at the top of the wall or ceiling, then add more torches along the path. Let the lights dangle down. Your room will look more romantic.

Another way to set Tumblr lights that you can try to bring that impression is by arranging them horizontally to form a net pattern. Please put it on the wall. So that the lighting effect looks maximal, make sure there are no other decorations attached.

In addition to the Tumblr lights, you must try out the decoration of these colorful lights as lighting wall art ideas. Decoration in the form of writing also looks more lively and attractive. If the long posts are too full of the wall, try to replace them with family names or short motivational words and so on.

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