17 Good Church Turned Into Modern Colourful Living Space

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If you are looking for colorful living space ideas, we have some pictures you can check out. When people prefer monochrome colors over everything, we will encourage you to go with colors over monochromes. Decorating with colors shouldn’t have to be scary. As long as you follow your instinct, everything will walk well.

For example, going bold with the sofa to make a statement is highly recommended. Putting a bold-colored sofa in front of a white wall will create an attractive impression. On the other hand, you already make your sofa the focal point in the room. Amazing, right?

Combining colors can be done by mixing several colors from the same shade. On the other hand, if you go unexpectedly, you will get an amazingly unexpected look as well. This can be done by mixing period architectural details, colors and patterns combination, and traditional antiques to infuse some joy in a traditional-inspired living room. Check out these colorful living space ideas for a closer look.

The next thing you can do to infuse colors in a living space is by doing color blocking. It doesn’t matter if you go radically with your color choices. Just make sure that you have one neutral color that could bind those bright yet playful colors in your living room.

In case you are one of those people who stick to white as the default color for a living space, you have the liberty to infuse pops of colors. Vibrant trims would create an eclectic yet cheerful vibe in the room. This is a good way to grab attention from the guests while creating an unforgettable living space.

Again, if you stick with a neutral shade for the main color in the room, colorful accents will infuse some vigorous energy. Make sure you use a proper dose of those colors. More details can be found on these colorful living space ideas below.

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