15 Marvelous Western Living Room Decors

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Are you interested in having a western look design in your house? Then, you need to try some awesome ideas of these marvelous western living room decors you should apply in your house. They are not only unique but also stunning and worth-to-try.

The western living room decors mainly use the elements of wood and stones with vintage, old-fashioned and rustic design. However, nowadays, you can also combine western decors with other styles and themes, such as modern, classy, elegant and many more.

For a spacious look, you may add large windows into your western living room with a long dark leather sofa, candle chandelier on top and other western-style decorations you can add more to lighten up the western theme into your living room.

Besides, not only using the wooden tables, chairs, sofa or walls, but you can also use logs to add more artistic and western styles into your living room. Apparently, logs will provide more fantastic and wonderful auras as part of your western living room decors.

Prefer to have a modern look? Then, try to mix and match with some modern elements and decors. For instance, you can have a modern Colorado style home that tends to use a sleek white sofa, a simple glass table with wooden bookshelves next to it. Also, for the additional decors, don’t forget to add with simple wooden light and several western-style paintings.

Moreover, you can turn your western living room into a unique style by combining the modern simple furniture with many kinds of awesome western style decorations, such as the Indian paintings or portrait, western-theme pillowcases with unique emblems like old varsity jackets or unique letters.

The other main things about the western living room are the wood floors, antlers chandelier, a patterned rug with unique designs or animal printed, artificial animal skin rug, animal statues, and also the fireplace. Make sure you include the fireplace and also décor it with the best style you want it to have in your western living room.

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