13 Modern Condo Living Room Illustration

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During their wedding planning, Neal and Stephanie Sterjovski changed an 800 square foot Toronto condo into their dream home. At first, the couple was looking for a place that fit for their work-from-home busy lifestyle with minimalist design in their mind. They prefer to have a small-space living surrounded with pristine white walls, tall ceilings, and a lot of natural light flittering through many windows. Thus, they build their own lovely minimalist condo living.

The interior of their minimalist condo living is absolutely that one of the minimalist Scandinavian style. It has a laid-back aesthetic, so everyone that enters the house will fell welcomed and loved. The foundation of their design is starting from the floor. They replace the maple wood flooring with a light grey laminate which is light and liven up the entire place.

For the living room they add texture to achieve neutrality while giving added warmth and comfort for inhabitants of the house. The living area is strengthening with a braided rug and couch lined up with comfortable pillows and throws, placed across the marble coffee table that is perfectly centered to create a cool balance.

Here, the bedroom is free from any kind of technology devices. The bedroom is perfectly serene and entirely relaxing. To create more refined ambience, the bedroom is using a monochromatic color palette. There are two nightstands for storage that offers an effective place for decluttering. There are three intimate pictures from the couples’ wedding day that offers personal touch to the room. To add the luxurious of the room, there is an oversized faux fur throw over the king-sized bed.

For the bathroom of their minimalist condo living, they have white walls and modern lighting that could open up the space to compensate the lack of windows. For the tile they use white subway tiles which are so stunning. It also has a marble countertop with classy black fixtures, along with a huge round mirror that are so gorgeous and beautiful. All of them together is such a perfect combination.

image source : pinterest.com

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