11 Pretty Hydrangeas Landscaping Ideas

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Hydrangeas landscaping ideas below will show you insights on turning your backyard into a beautiful space. Hydrangeas are chosen for many reasons and one of those is due to its immense flower heads. Besides its beautiful look, hydrangeas are easy to cultivate and take care of.

You can get various colors such as rose blossoms, lavender, frosty white, vibrant pink, and clear blue. If you are lucky, those colors bloom from the same plant at the same time. Before using these flowers for your garden occupants, you need to know a few facts about hydrangeas.

Most of these flowers thrive in rich soils with porous and moist characteristics. You can add compost if the soil is too poor. Make sure the plants get full sun in the morning and afternoon shade. This will allow them to grow well. However, some may bloom in partial shade as well. If you want to implement hydrangeas landscaping ideas, you may start planting during spring or fall.

Another thing you may need to know is the size of the hole. You need to dig as deep as the root ball and make it 3 times wider. After you put the plant inside the hole, fill the half with soil and water the soil. After the water is drained, continue to fill it with soil. Planting multiple hydrangeas needs smart planning. It takes about 3 to 10 feet apart from one to another.

Make sure you water the flowers plentily especially for the first two years after planting and during drought. The plants wouldn’t go well when the soil is too dry. On the other hand, you need to fertilize the soil if it is too sandy for once a year during spring or winter. Feeding the soil too often will boost the leaves without boosting the blooming intensity. For more hydrangeas landscaping ideas, check out the pictures below.

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