9 Good DIY First Apartment Organization Ideas

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Do you need some apartment organization ideas? You are lucky because we have some to show you. Living in an apartment, especially the first apartment requires you to think a lot about the organization. You live in a limited space where anything should be stored properly. Organization hacks are also needed in a bigger apartment. To cut the crap, we have some pictures you can take a look for your organization’s inspiration.

If you want to get rid of the messy bathroom, you can get rid of items you don’t need that much. For example, toiletries and equipment that you rarely used can be tossed out of the bathroom. Only bring essentials in your bathroom. A storage container is a good place to store toothbrushes, toothpaste, and hand soap. To declutter your countertops, you can hand a wire basket for hairdryer storage. Also, feel free to invest in a few baskets to separate everyone’s items and keep the bathroom as tidy as possible.

Talking about apartment organization ideas, you also need to take care of your bedroom. Utilizing under-bed storage would be a good idea to declutter your room. Use vacuum-sealed bags, Tupperware, and old shoe boxes to store bulkier items like purses, backpacks, blankets, and linens under your bed. Meanwhile, every empty wall space is valuable. You can turn this blank space for a storage spot which helps to declutter your drawers and closet. Corner shelving units are great for apartments. Also, it works well for a decor upgrade in your bedroom.

Moving to the kitchen, you will see several items cluttered on your countertops. Grouping similar items together will clear up space. Meanwhile, keeping pots, cooking utensils, and pans near the store will allow you to access them easily. Meanwhile, items that are rarely used can be stored on top shelves. More pictures about apartment organization ideas are ready to check out.

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