100+ Vintage Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island Ideas

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Many people agree that the farmhouse kitchen island is the stylish multi-purpose one that offers the extra authentic style of kitchen design. There are many farmhouse kitchen island ideas you can apply in your kitchen if you like the rustic style cooking area.

The thing you need to consider for presenting the farmhouse kitchen is the material you will use. Mostly, the farmhouse kitchen uses the woods and metal to serve the farming atmosphere no matter where your house is. So, are you ready to prepare the materials to create this style?

You can try the wooden countertop to be installed on a farmhouse kitchen island. This aspect of the island will give you extra vibes of the farmhouse into your kitchen. If you have enough space for the island, you can use the big one to bring you a spacious area of storage and to prepare the food on.

The warm colors of the island will give you the atmosphere of the farm. You can paint the island in pastel colors with shiplap sides of it. They will serve the nuance of a farmhouse in the kitchen. The metal stools can be attached to the island for the eat-in dining space.

The countertop of butcher block will bring the natural feeling of the kitchen and it looks great if you install it on the island since it gives you the bold character of the farmhouse in the kitchen.

This island could be matched with the pendant that you install right above the island. You can use the industrial style of the pendant with the pipes as the places for installing the cables. Choose the fitted colors of the bulb to highlight the countertop of the island.

Decor the island with the farmhouse displays such as the small rustic clay pot or the reused metal jar. Put the cow picture in a white frame. Your farmhouse kitchen island will look fabulous and boost your energy in preparing the meals at once.

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